Ways of Travel Travel Advice Show


If you have ever taken a trip and returned either disappointed or ecstatic, it may be the way you traveled that made the difference. Listen as Chris and Jerry discuss the four categories of ways to travel: independent, flexible independent travel, hosted, and escorted. They define and give examples of each category so you can decide which is best for you. It could raise the level of your next vacation to fabulous!


Short Travel Guide Books Travel Advice Show


Most travelers want to know as much as possible about the destination they are going to visit. One of the most popular ways to learn information is through travel books. Chris and Jerry talk about how travel guide books are written, their purpose, selected audience, ways to use them, and when to purchase them. Suggested guides are mentioned by name with explanation of their importance and directed audience and who should purchase them. Chris and Jerry also mention Jerry's traveladvicebooks.com and their purpose. Listen to this short show to help you simplify your travel guide books selection.


Short Immuniuzations Travel Advice Tips


Chris and Jerry discuss the importance, necessity, and consequences of immuniuzations in your travel plans. As the world rids itself of many diseases, some countries require vaccinations to enter them. Listen to the Short Immunizations Travel Advice Tips show to learn what shots may be required, what is required to show proof you had them, sources to find what vaccinations are reqired, where to get them, and other valuable tips that will help you have a better vacation. In fact, failure to have the required vaccinations could prohibit your entering a country that requires them.


Ireland Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry give personal advice on ways to visit beautiful, historic, and active Ireland. Included topics are when to go, various ways to travel the island, what is the minimum time you should spend on your first visit, nightlife, expectations, and many others to let you enjoy what Chris and Jerry claim is the world's most beautiful country. We think you will also after listening to the show and returning from your visit to the Emerald Isle.

TSA and Global Entry Short Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry discuss TSA and Global Entry Services  programs to simplify your US airport TSA security process and and return US entry with the Global Entry Services. If you have ever flown within the US or completed US immigrations, you will want to listen to this show. TSA, Transportation Security Administration, is a US government security department that screens air travelers at the airport prior to entering their flight. Global Entry Services, a US Customs and Border Protection program, allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to accelerate clearance procedures, immigations, upon returning to the US. Definitions, costs for each program, tips to simplify the process, and other suggestions are given to help make your air travel, both within and returning to the US, less complicated and more enjoyable. 


Passport Short Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry talk about passports  from a world-wide perspective. Each country has its own requirements for obtaining a passport and the length of time it is valid valild. Many countries require a visa, but who needs a visa is determined by the passport holder's country. Definitions of passports, who needs them, possible costs, time required to obain them, how soon do you need to get them, and many other elements are discussed so you can have a better understanding of them.


Flying Part Two Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry continue discussing common questions you may have and situations and problems that occur while flying. Learn your legal rights and airlines rules and regulations, options you have about getting seats using your frequent flier miles, what you can do or expect when your flight is delayed or cancelled, what happens when you get bumped from a flight, and what to expect when your baggage is lost or damaged. Listening to this show will get you prepared for many things that can happen when you decide to fly.


Cuba Part Two Travel Advice Show


Listen as Chris and Jerry continue their discussion about visiting Cuba. Cuba Part Two Travel Advice Show talks about other activities you may want to consider, when to go, nightlife, and other options to make your vacation even better. Riding in 1950s American convertibles to take a night Havana tour, definition and descriptions of casa particulares or guesthouses, four and five star hotels, and other accommodations, visiting an alligator farm, weather, food, safety, and other information to help give you an exciting experience in the largest Caribbean island.


Cuba Part One Travel Advice Show


Join Chris and Jerry on an exciting visit to Cuba. The show discusses different nationalities visiting there, the two Cuban pesos used on the island, food, do's and dont's, transportation, and many other things to excite you to visit this fabulous, multi-historied Caribbean island. Should you go to Cuba in July? Do they have excellent hotels to stay in? Stay tuned to learn even more of this exciting, relatively untouristy destination to make your visit fantastic!

Culture shock Travel Advice Show


Join Chris and guest Jim Dykman to learn how to manage culture shock while you are travelling. Jim gives a great travel perspective to accepting different cultures around the world. Listen to real examples of how to deal with culture shock. Jim tells ways to handle situations to gain better enjoyment in your travels. This show will make your travels more fulfilling.







Flying Part One Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry discuss some important information needed prior to boarding your plane. Topics include: who should fly, times when it is not best to fly, overcoming or at least controlling your fear of flying, what to expect from arriving at the airport to prior to boarding your flight, including TSA airport security, and the types of luggage you should consider taking. Regardless of your flying experience, you will learn things that will make the experience smoother.


Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry continue discussing hotels with Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show. It contains important information to answer many question that travelers have, including how do you book a hotel, is there a best way to book a hotel, are there problems with these booking methods, who, how much, and when do you tip, the numerous legalities which you should know about booking, cancelling, and changing a reservation, check in and check out times, and the various acceptable types of hotel gurantees and payment. Listen to complete this three part hotel series to help you make better hotel decisions and prevent surprises.


Camino de Santiago Travel Advice Show


Join Chris and guest George Starks to learn and explore the Camino de Santiago. George has done the Camino 5 times and gives great tips and how to plan the adventure. This show explains where to stay, how to plan and all the in's and out's in having the Camino de Santiago experience. This show is a must before you plan your Camino. 


Hotels Part Two Travel Advice Show


On part two of three shows discussing hotels, Chris and Jerry discuss some of the confusing terms used to describe hotels. Listen to learn what a double, triple, and other hotel room categories really mean. You may be surprised. You will also learn about the hotel rating systems around the world and how a three star hotel in one country may not be the same as a three star hotel in another. The show also discusses how hotels determine the cost of a room. Again, you may be surprised. Listen to gain valuable information so you can get the hotel and room category that you want. 

Hotels Part One Travel Advice Show


On this part one of a three part series discussing hotels show, Chris and Jerry explore how you decide where to stay, define hotels, accommodations, properties, and lodging, list fifteen categories of places to stay, and explain the different hotel categories. Your vacation will be more complete and exciting after you listen to this realistic discussion on selecting the correct hotel for your vacation.


Changing your life Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry answer questions they have received from listeners throughout the world about how we travel, ways travel has changed our lives, overcoming the fear of taking the first step to take a trip outside your comfort zone, and when and how is it good to travel by yourself. The show emphasizes, not only the unique experiences you will gain, but how it will make you less prejudice and discriminating and more appreciative of the world's cultures, people, food, and your part in it. Listen for a new look on travel that will definitely change your life.


Children Traveling Alone Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry discuss many of the rules and regulations parents need to know in order for their children to travel safely and legally by themselves on planes, buses, and trains. Each airline, bus company, and rail system has its own requirements for children traveling solo. Some of these rules include age requirements. Generally, children under age five are not allowed to travel by themselves. There are several age categories, each having its own rules, that can apply, such as ages five through seven must travel only on non-stop flights, eight through eleven may be able to change planes, etc. Specific rules regarding the person meeting your children must be met and confirmed by the airlines, bus company, or rail system. Many other rules and requirements are given to help ensure your children can travel by themselves. Parents who want or need to send their children by themselves to a destination need to listen to this show to get a solid foundation to ensure a safe and happy trip for their children.


On African Safari Travel Advice Show


Mike Nesbitt, president of African Safari Company & Expeditions, africansafarico.com, Chris, and Jerry talk about the ins and outs of going on an African safari. About everything you need to know to plan the African safari you want is here. We talk about how much in advance you need to book your safari, times of year to visit to ensure the experience you want, seeing gorillas, accommodations and lodges, prices, should you take your children, how long to stay, and many other specific topics which you need to assist you for your African safari travel plans.


Tasmania Travel Advice Show


Join Paul Proctor, Chris, and Jerry as they explore one of the least visited areas of Australia, Tasmania. Founded as an English prison colony, Tasmania offers its visitors some unique experiences. Suggested itineraries ranging from a few days to two weeks, ways to get to Tasmania and travel the island, types of sleeping accommodations, Bruny and Maria islands, climate and weather, beaches stretching for tens of miles, diverse scenery and landscape, Port Arthur penal settlement, and many other interesting facts and travel suggestions are given. Many visitorts feel Tasmania is the best part of Australia. Listen to learn why.


Unique Iceland Travel Advice Show


Rapidly becoming a "hot" vacation destination, Lianne Kim of Kensington Tours, kensingtontours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore Iceland's unique vacation options. Going into an active volcano, hiking the uninhabited center, glaciers, soaking in hot volcanic heated pools, self-driving or escorted tours, the aurora borealis, and many other topics are explored in this Unique Iceland show. Listen to start planning your adventure, scenic, and educational vacation to the Land of Fire and Ice and get answers to questions, such as "Should I rent a car to explore Iceland?"


Jerry’s Unique North Peru Trip Travel Advice Show


Inspired by Martha on Marnella Tour's North Peru Travel Advice Show, Jerry got excited and went to visit three of the historical sites mentioned on the show. He goes into detail how he traveled, where he stayed, and his experiences visiting Ventarron, one of the oldest constructions in the Americas dating from 2,000 BC, the fascinating Lambayeque Royal Tombs Museum, traveling hours by car through spectacular alpine and dry scenery, staying at a hotel overlooking and hiking to the extremely impressive Gotca Waterfalls, trekking to the impressing Karajaia sarcophai tombs, enjoying Kuelap, the largest ancient stone structure in South America, exploring Revash, cliff tombs where mummies were found, visiting the Leymebama mummie museum which houses 219 mummies, and many other adventures. Listen to learn fabulous options on your trip to Peru.


Exciting World Sites Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry discuss places that will greatly enhance your travels, even if you are going to popular tourist destinations. Included in this show are the Zhangye Danxia Mountains in China, Peru's Paracas Candelabra, the rarely visited Puma Punka ruin and Salar de Yuymi Salt Desert of Bolivia, White Pocket outcrop in northwestern Arizona, the historic Socotra Islands in Yemen, Ko Phi Phi Islands south of Phuket, Thailand, the beautiful Pamukkale hot pools of southwestern Turkey, and the magnificent scenery and waterfalls of Vagar Island, Faroe islands. They could be the best part of your vacation, so stay tuned.


Taiwan Travel Advice Show


Roy Liao of Super Value Tours, supervaluetours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore the hidden gem of Taiwan, a destination that will excite everyone. Travelers who come to explore rank Taiwan as one of the best vacations ever. It is excellent for families, adventurers, lovers of excellent food, and history buffs, just to name a few. The show gives many sightseeing options, length of stay, time of year to visit, ways to travel, and many other ideas which will excite you to visit one of Asia's most unique and impressive destinations.


Booking Your Vacation Travel Advice Show


This show is part three of a three part series of Selecting, Planning, and Booking Your Vacation. Chris and Jerry discuss ways to book your vacation which will save a lot of time and problems. There are three basic ways to book your vacation: doing each part of your trip yourself, utilizing a travel agent, cruise line, or tour operator, and a combination of both. Using these ways require research, deposits or full payment at the time of confirmation, organization of confirmations so you can quickly see what has been confirmed, and many other suggestions are contained in this program. Listen to make booking your vacation more complete and easier.


Planning Your Vacation Part Two Travel Advice Show


This is the second part OF PLANNING YOU VACATION WHICH IS PART OF a series of three shows to make your next vacation better: selecting, planning, and booking your vacation. In Planning Your Vacation Part Two Travel Advice Show, Chris and Jerry discuss: consider the weather where you are going, ensure each person gets to do and see that which he/she would like to do and see, take a variety of transportation options, such as rail, bus, escorted day tours, and water travel, to experience the destination you have selected, work with travel agents, tour operators, and the Internet for unique ideas, ensure that what you want to do fits within your vacation time AND BUDGET, suggestions to keep your home-life running smoothly, and other suggestions. You will want to listen to both Planning One and Two for a more fulfilling and memorable travel experience.


Planning Your Vacation Part One Travel Advice Show


This show is Part One of Planning Your Vacation. In it, Chris and Jerry discuss ways, including the way they plan their trips, to plan your vacation. It will save a lot of problems later on and help ensure you and those traveling with you can experience the vacation of a lifetime. Some suggestions include: making certain your passport is valid for at least the time the country you are visiting requires upon departure from their country, organizing your confirmations and emails, getting your immunizations current, searching for the lowest prices by planning as far in advance as possible for airline tickets, cruises, etc., beginning your planning early, even up to two years, so you can get tickets, permits, and reservations at extremely popular sites, putting your vacation thoughts in order, and other important suggestions. Listen to get you in the planning mode for your next holiday.


Ways to Select Where You Go on Vacation Travel Advice Show


We, Chris and Jerry, have been asked numerous times how we select where we are going on our next vacation. Chris is forty-four years old and Jerry is seventy-two years old which is one of the reasons we select different vacation spots. The program discusses how age can affect how you select a destination. Listen for exciting Ways to Select Where You Go on Vacation. Some suggestions include spinning a globe with your eyes closed and stopping at a point which will become your next trip, getting an idea from a TV show, movie, book, or email from a friend showing pictures of fascinating and often seldom-seen sites, having a conversation with an interesting person and others. You will get your creative juices moving to select a vacation experience of a life time.


Mekong and Irrawaddy River Cruises Travel Advice Show


Andy Magistrale of AmaWaterways, amawaterways.com, Chris, and Jerry talk about the fabulous Mekong and Irtrawaddy River cruises of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Truly two  of the world's most exciting, interesting, and educational rivers to explore, Andy explains the unique AmaWaterways style of cruising and the included sightseeing of Ha Long Bay and staying overnight on a Vietnamese junk, majestic, ancient temples, the Killing Fields of Myanmar, Vietnam War tunnels, exotic food and fruit, Hanoi Hilton prison, and many other fabulous sites. You will definitely want to cruise these two rivers soon with AmaWaterways.


Budget Travel Travel Advice Show


"Traveling Jackie," of thebudgetmindedtraveler.com, Chris, and Jerry discuss the exciting world of budget travel. Regardless of your age, gender, and income, you can experience travel on a budget for any length of time you have to travel. Tips for traveling within cities and countries, minimizing stress by pre-booking your first night hotel, utilizing travel guide books, the difference between budget and cheap travel, staying in hostels, carrying and managing money while traveling, and women traveling on their own are just some of the topics discussed by Traveling Jackie on this fun travel advice show.


Portugal and the Azores Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry are joined with Lianne Kim of Kensington Tours, kensington tours. com, to discuss the friendly, beautiful, moderately priced Portugal and its mid-Atlantic Azortes islands. Like Iceland, Portugal and the Azores are just now starting to get truly discovered, as many people only go to Spain when visiting the Iberian Peninsula. The show covers Portugal's wine areas, historic and religious areas, Algarve with its quaint towns and resort areas, spectacular scenery, popular areas to visit, wide variety of hotel options, including historic pousadas, length of time to visit, best time of year to go, and many other things you can do and experience in this fabulous country. The show will excite you to visit soon before the crowds discover it.


Travel Europe like the Locals Travel Advice Show


Tony Perdomo of Tucan Travel, tucantravel.com, Chris, and Jerry explore adventure travel in a way you may never have considered. Overlanding where you do the shopping and cooking, taking local transportation within cities and between countries, no single supplements, small group size, free time to explore, and trips ranging from 7 to 77 days are just some of the options discussed. And all at prices less than staying home. Tucan Travel offers tens of trips throughout the world that you should highly consider for a unique perspective of cultures and adventures you're friends have yet to experience, but will when you return.


Travel Insurance Travel Advice Show


Purchasing travel insurance is a question that most travelers have and often find confusing. Gail Magiante of Insure My Trip, insuremytrip.com, Chris, and Jerry help answer these and other questions as they discuss travel insurance in a realistic and understandable way. This Travel Insurance 101 show explains most types of travel insurance, including lost and damaged baggage, injury and sickness while on your vacation, cancellation for any reason, coverage for participating in adventure activities such as bungee jumping and white water rafting, and how soon ahead of your trip should you purchase travel insurance. Listening to this show can help save you money and give you peace of mind on your next vacation.


Unique Norway Travel Advice Show


Unique things to see, travel, experience, and many other exciting activities are discussed by Morgan McKenna of Kensington Tours, kensingtontours.com, Chris, and Jerry. You will learn of many cultural and fabulous things to do in Norway including adventure cruising northwestern Spitzbergen, exploring numerous less-touristy fjords, budgeting for the cost of food, spending the night with the Sami people in the Arctic, hiking numerous mountains to view beautiful fjords and valleys, taking the scenic Hurtigruten coastal cruise, driving through central Norway, kayaking, and marveling at the Aurora Borealis and daylight at 2 am are just some of the topics discussed.


Ecuador Travel Advice Show


Unique and varied Ecuador is discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. You'll be amazed at the wide variety of Ecuador's culture, exploration, adventure, and shopping options. Winding perilous mountains by train, shopping local Indian markets, purchasing gold and silver jewelry, visiting ancient Inca ruins, exciting bird watching, climbing Cotopaxi, the world's highest active volcano, and other spectacular mountains, exploring the streets of Quito, and determining which is the best way to see the Galapagos Islands are just some of the exciting ideas you'll discover on Ecuador Travel Advice Show.


Columbia Travel Advice Show


Chris and Jerry welcome Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, who will excite  you to visit the varied country of Colombia. It is now safe to visit, walk the streets at night, enjoy unique historical and scenic sites, and have a fabulous vacation. The Gold Museum, excellent shopping in malls with baby sitters, day trips to Zipaquira's salt cathedral, coffee tasting in Pereira, 16th century Cartagena with its walled city, nearby Rosario Island for Caribbean-clear swimming and relaxing, forts, Tayrona National Park and the 800 AD Lost City, the new "Machu Picchu" in the Santa Maryta District, and San Andres Island, famous for its beaches, relaxation, and unique mixed cultures are just some of the topics discussed. You'll want to go to Colombia after hearing this program.


Southern Peru Travel Advice Show


Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore many exciting and extensive travel options in southern Peru. Realistic and practical information is given on traveling to and flying over the Nazca lines/plain, motoring between Puno and Arequipa through the impressive, volcanic-surrounded Colca River valley and home of hundreds of condors and the world's deepest canyon, partaking of the many physical and scenic activities of the Sacred Valley, various types of accommodations and transportation options, and many other ideas for this desert to tropical jungle region of southern Peru.


Northern Peru Travel Advice


Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry explore the marvels of northern Peru. Basically undiscovered by tourists, this fascinating area of deserts, Andes mountains, and tropical jungles is one of the world's hidden gems. Lodges and cruises of the Amazon, ancient ruins near Trujillo and Chiclayo (older than Machu Picchu), Gocta, the world's third highest waterfalls, ways to travel, best time to visit, culture, history, and many other topics are discussed. You will not only be inspired to spend at least ten days in northern Peru, but  you will want to visit soon before it is discovered.


Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam Travel Advice


Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam are uniquely covered by Dan Crandall of Adventures Within Reach, adventureswithinreach.com, Chris, and Jerry. You will learn when to go, how long to stay, unique travel options and areas, food, getting around travel options, and many other suggestions to make your stay in Southeast Asia even more exciting. Dan's enthusiasm for the area comes through as he explains why everyone should visit this area, as there is something for everyone, except skiers.


Chile Travel Advice Show


Chile, almost as long as the U.S. is wide, averaging about 125 miles wide, offering, literally, something for everyone, and one of the world's most unique countries, is discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. Learn little-and well-known facts, including the English-settled north, Atacama Desert, wine, Skorpios II glacier cruise, Robinson Crusoe and Easter Islands, skiing some of the world's most famous areas, spectacular mountain and lake regions, fly-cruise Antarctica, and Patagonia, including one of the world's must-see Tierra del Fuego. No minimum length vacation suggestion is given because it would require weeks to see and do it all, but suggested lengths of time to stay is given for each region. Chile, one of the world's most exciting countries, is a show you will want to listen to for a vacation you will never forget.


Sea Kayaking Travel Advice Show


Peter Grubb, president of Sea Kayak Adventurers, seakayakadventures.com, Chris, and Jerry explore the world of sea kayaking. An adventure for fit, with some sea kayaking experience and at least 8 years old, adventurers, their trips offer a unique perspective of getting-up-close to nature, culture, flora, fauna, and culture. Their tours include close encounters with various types of whales, exploring remote coastlines, observing bears, paddling the Bay of Pigs, walking through rural Albania, and other unique experiences. Sea Kayak Adventures offers sea kayking expeditions to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Alaska, and Europe. Some of their programs are designed for families, which include three-passenger kayaks so younger children can sit between their parents. For a truly fascinating, invigorating, and awe-inspring vacation, take a Sea Kayak Adventure.


Argentina Travel Advice Show


Doing the tango in Buenos Aires is one of the many topics discussed by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. This show gives great, often not known, options for visiting Argentina, one of the most versatile South America countries, will inspire you to want to spend your vacation doing and visiting many things. Buenos Aires, famous for its lively international nightlife, shopping, museums, and architecture, nearby estancias (cattle ranches), day trips to Punta del Este, for its beaches, and historic Colonia del Sacramento, both in Uruguay, is discussed in depth. Other country-wide destinations discussed, include: Igauzu Falls' impressive volume of water and nearby jungle hikes; Mendoza, situated between southern Utah-type deserts and the highest mountain in the America, 22,841 foot Aconcagua, is famous for its wine and skiing; Swiss-like San Carlos de Bariloche with its spectacular lake and mountain scenery; ways to visit El Calafate's Perito Moreno and other glaciers, viewing and going overland to Torres del Paine, Chile, and outdoor adventure activities; Ushuia, the gateway to Antarctica and Cape Horn via small, adventure cruises; Peninsula Valdes to see whales, sea lions and wolves, and Magallanes penguins. Visa, currency exchange, family vacation ideas, adventure trips, and many other topics are discussed to excite you to visit Argentina, the land of tangos and gauchos, plus many other spectacular sites and activities.


Southern Brazil Travel Advice Show


Southern Brazil, home of Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls, is discussed by Martha Tavera, Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. No visit to southern Brazil should be made without listening to this show! Learn about the beaches, nightlife, culture, Carnival, the famous sites in Rio and other nearby destinations, should you see Iguazu Falls from the Brazil or Argentine side, the seldom-visited Pantanal with its wildllife, Fort Jungqueira, and adventure, mountainous Oro Petro, Santa Cantalina's magnificent beaches, German influence, and wine, Santos with wonderful beaches, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, and other unique areas. Also visa requirements, family travel areas, food, climate, and other interesting and needed facts and suggestions are given to help make southern Brazil an excellent vacation choice.


Northern Brazil Travel Advice Show


The not-so-often visited northern part  of Brazil is explored by Martha Tavera of Marnella Tours, marnellatours.com, Chris, and Jerry. Settled by the Dutch, Portugese, Africans, and other nationalities, whose influence is evident, emphasis is placed on the areas of Manus, Recife, Salvador, Brasilia, and Fernado de Noronha island. This unique, year-round excellent weather part of Brasil offers something for everyone, including the Amazon River, carnivals that allow you to participate in the parades and activities, Caribbean-like white sand beaches, jungle exploration, wide-variety of shopping, excellent food, friendly people, exciting family destination options, and many other activities. A wide range of important topics are discussed that will excite you to visit this fabulous area of Brazil.


New Zealand Simply Wild Journeys Travel Advice Show


Rob Douglas, owner of Simply Wild Journeys, simplywild.co.nz, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss up-scale, personalized adventure experiences for all ages at the north end of the South Island, New Zealand. Rob's company, based in Nelson, NZ,  designs and executes customized adventure tours, including sea kayaking, heli-cycling, mountain biking, walking and heli-hiking, white-water and heli-rafting, sailing, boating, and other exciting activities which make for a unique and exhilarating New Zealand vacation. Whether going to New Zealand just to stretch your physical boundaries or to enhance your visit to the "Land of the Long White Cloud," you will want to include a customized adventure through Simply Wild Adventures.


Tchad-Chad Travel Advice Show


The rarely-visited and phenomenal country of Tchad (Chad) is discussed by Wendy Simmons, wendysimmons.com, Chris, and Jerry. In 2014, only 100 tourists came to this Sahara-desert covered country which rarely sees more than 300 tourists annually. Recently returned from Tchad, Wendy shares her experiences as she covers 4,000 km of Tchad's varied terrain, cultures, food, and scenery. Additional topics include: the people, transportation, topography, weather, best time to visit, obtaining a tourist visa, and the Ennedi mountain range with its caves, fossils, unbelievable wind and wind and water carved formations, and sunsets. Surrounded by politically troubled countries, now is the time to visit and be amazed with the friendly, spectacular country of Tchad.


Costa Rica Travel Advice Show


Dan Crandall of adventureswithinreach.com joins Chris and Jerry to discuss one of the most bio-diversified countries in the world, Costa, Rica. Truly offering something for nearly everyone, topics including descriptions and differences of many of the National Parks, transportation including should you rent a car, beaches, best time to go, wildlife, family travel, safety, suggested week vacation itineraries, and adventure options including whitewater rafting, jungle hikes, canyoning/repelling, ziplining, and others are discussed to help make Costa Rica one of your best vacations ever.


Trains and Travel Advice Show


The exciting world of rail travel is discussed by Chris Skow of traintrips.biz, Chris, and Jerry. Topics discussed include the history of rail travel, train tours, train trips, train vacations, and luxury private rail car trips. Started in 1984 by Chris, a retired conductor of the Western Pacific/Union Pacific rail, traintrips.biz, also known as Trains & Travel International, has been offering rail trips throughout the world from a 1­day California Zephyr trip from Los Angeles to Oakland, CA to a 21­ day Silk Road Moscow to Beijing private Golden Eagle Silk Road. If you’ve ever wanted to travel by rail, this is the program to listen to as Chris goes into great and exciting detail on what it is like, types of rail cars used, difference between train tours, trips, and vacations, and numerous other topics.


Peru, Tanzania, and Kilimanjaro Travel Advice Show


Do not visit Peru and Tanzania without listening to Robin Paschall of Adventutres Within Reach, Chris, and Jerry discuss these two exciting destinations. Along with the basic facts, often unknown and fascinating insights are given such as where the best beaches are located in Zanzibar, the different accommodation options such as lodges and permanent and movable tented camps in the Serengeti, unique cultural experience of visiting the Haya "mud people" in Tanzania, cooking with the locals in Cuzco, visiting Lake Titicaca, talking about the various Inca Trails, and when is the worst time to visit Peru and Tanzania. This show will greatly assist you in your planning stage to make the best decisions for a fabulous vacation.


New Zealand Adventure Travel Advice Show


Karen Hardy of Australia 2000 returns as guest with Chris and Jerry to
discuss the wide-range of outdoor, unique and adventure activities and
options while visiting New Zealand. Heli-skiing and hiking, whitewater and
sea kayaking, trout and deep sea fishing, sand dunes and multi-day treks
were just some of the topics discussed. Listen to this program for
fabulous ideas to enhance your New Zealand experience.


aCanela Travel Advice Show


Kylie Chenn, of Acanela, joins Chris and Jerry to talk about this unique company. Inspired by incredibly talented artists in third world countries to share their talents with the world, Acanela offers a wide variety of itineraries, including trekking, adventure, culinary, and photography, to India, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other world-wide destinations. What sets her tours apart from others, is the ability for the tour members to actually participate with these artists as they cook, design, and paint. Her culinary tours allow tour members to learn to cook local cuisine in homes and with noted chefs in the area. Her unique Artisan Expeditions incorporate instructional classes from local artists, giving them a means to monetize their skill. You'll enjoy Kylie's sense of humor, dedication, and love of introducing tour members to these rarely-offered opportunities.


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