October 1, 2016

Children Traveling Alone Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss many of the rules and regulations parents need to know in order for their children to travel safely and legally by themselves on planes, buses, and trains. Each airline, bus company, and rail system has its own requirements for children traveling solo. Some of these rules include age requirements. Generally, children under age five are not allowed to travel by themselves. There are several age categories, each having its own rules, that can apply, such as ages five through seven must travel only on non-stop flights, eight through eleven may be able to change planes, etc. Specific rules regarding the person meeting your children must be met and confirmed by the airlines, bus company, or rail system. Many other rules and requirements are given to help ensure your children can travel by themselves. Parents who want or need to send their children by themselves to a destination need to listen to this show to get a solid foundation to ensure a safe and happy trip for their children.


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