Travel Advice Show tries to objectively present travel options so you can make more exciting travel plans. We do this in two ways: 1. Have world-renowned guests who discuss their products and destinations which they cover. 2. Answer your individual, personal travel questions.

April 18, 2020

Kenya Travel Advice Show

Kenya is one of the most famous wild animal places in the world. Made famous in many movies, books, and other media, many travelers can’t wait to go there and for good reasons. Nicky Brandon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kerr & Downey, joins Chris and Jerry for an exciting discussion of the famous and not as famous neat things to do in Kenya. When to go, description of many game parks, how long to stay, types of accommodations, helicopter rides for animal viewing, unique and exciting areas not often visited, and many other topics are discussed. Listen to get your juices moving for a fabulous vacation in Kenya.
March 28, 2020

De-Stress your Vacation Planning

Chris and Jerry have done several shows giving tips on planning your next vacation. Because of numerous emails asking specific planning steps, this show helps de-stress your vacation planning process by simplifying this important stage. Listen to discover ways to quickly determine where you go, how you see the area, who should plan your vacation, who to include in the planning session, step-by-step suggestions, and ideas to make your vacation more memorable. Planning your vacation is one of the most exciting elements of a great trip.

March 17, 2020

What we learn from travel.

Jerry  and Chris received an email from Adrian Crome, an avid listener in Australia, thanking us for the variety of shows we have and suggested a new subject for us: What we learn from travel. We liked the idea so much that we invited Adrian to join us to talk about the subject. Let's join in on the conversation.

January 25, 2019

Our Favorite Destinations Travel Advice Show

We love to travel are not too fussy where and how we do it. Just get us to a destination and we come alive. We do have some favorites and felt we needed a show to discuss them to not only give a greater insight to us, but emphasize how travel excites us. Hopefully, you will get your creative juices moving, be inspired, and base your next vacation on not having a box to restrict you, but just go way out there and do something possibly totally unlike you. To unique and life-changing travel!

December 13, 2018

England Travel Advice Show

Almost everyone in the world wants to visit England, truly one of the world's most visited countries. Chris and Jerry discuss the fabulous things to do there, how long to stay, when to go, areas to visit, various type of accommodations, ways to travel, where to eat, and other little-known things to do while there. You'll definitely want to go or return for another visit after hearing the show.


October 8, 2018

Namibia Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss the exciting options you can select at almost any budget in southwest Africa Namibia. You can be up close to the Big 5 African animals, climb Big Daddy, the world's highest sand dune, stay in a wide variety of accommodations ranging from motels and B&Bs to expensive, elegant lodges and camps, take walking tours to see up close a variety of animals, explore salt pans, walk miles of isolated beaches, see several kinds of flamingos, and have many other unique experiences that only Namibia can offer. Listen as Chris and Jerry discuss why Namibia should be high on your travel bucket list.

September 25, 2018

Botswana Travel Advice Show

One of the, if not the best, animal viewing countries, Botswana is a destination you should consider visiting. Chris and Jerry discuss this fabulous country giving physical descriptions where different animals are located, types of accommodations, ways to travel, unique options to add variety to your animal and country visit, the exotic salt pans, when to go, and other ideas to enhance your visit to this fabulous country. Don't miss this show because it will make you want to leave tomorrow.

September 7, 2018

Women Traveling in Small Groups Travel Advice Show

Marianne Southall, owner and founder of Women's Travel Club,, Chris, and Jerry discuss the fast-growing older women traveling with other like-minded women travel segment. You will learn what it is like to travel on women only tours, what to expect on group tours, why you should consider taking a small group tour, and other important information so you can have a fabulous, well-run, safe, reasonably-priced, and exciting vacation. You will be impressed with Marianne's knowledge of this fast-growing travel segment.

July 12, 2018


The Klondike. Sounds exciting doesn't it. Listen to see how you can have exciting outdoor wilderness adventures that few of your friends have not done in a place they probably haven't yet visited. Listen for exciting ideas to get you motivated for a wide variety of action.
The Yukon, the smallest and least populated province or territory in Canada, is located in Canada's northwest adjacent to Alaska and offers unique, fabulous, and exciting year-round activities for the entire family. Chris and Jerry discuss many of these options including ice fishing, half to multi-day dog sled trips where you control the dogs, touring gold mines, experiencing a wide variety of large mammals such as grizzly bears and caribou and birds including swans, geese, and loons, kayaking, ice climbing, and many other year-round physical activities. How to get there, where to stay, when to go, and things to do are just some of the topics discussed. So, stay tuned to get inspiredd for a fabulous outdoor lover's vacation.
July 4, 2018


British Columbia, Canada, is world-known for spectacular world-class snow skiing, rugged terrain, beautiful parks, excellen restaurants and nightlife, varied culture, and many other things, but listen to learn of other fabulous options to make BC a great place to visit.

British Columbia, Canada, is world-renown for many fabulous things, but listen as Chris and Jerry discuss many little-known options to make BC a great place to visit for everyone of all ages and interests, except those that wan warm, tropical beaches. BC is great for camping and RVing with its seven national parks and many provincial parks and recreation sites, single and multi-day hiking, mountain biking, and cycling trails at all levels with many located within miles of cities, golfing in some of the world's most spectacular scenery, guest ranches, salmon, halibut, and other fishing, jet-boating and river rafting, ziplining, whale watching, sailing, heli-skiing, well, the list goes on and on. Consider seriously British Columbia for your next individual or family vacation.
June 22, 2018


If you love Colorado, you will really love Alberta, Canada, as although they are similar in life-style, scenery, and experiences, Alberta offers individuals and families even more than Colorado. Chris and Jerry discuss this very popular year-round destination's unique things to eperience. Most visitors spend their time, usually one week, between Banff Springs and Jasper which are "MUST SEES AND DOS," but extend your vacation or make your second visit there doing things your friends and neighbors probably haven't done including the unique and unusual statues of Calgary and other cities, fascinating rock formations such as the Hoodoos of Drumheller northeast of Calgary, white water rafting on several rivers, exploring caves such as Canmore Cave where you can actually rappel and crawl through narrow openings to other rooms, strange sites such as Big Head near Canmore, the Vault inside Bow Flats Natural Area near Kananaski, explore some of the ghost towns (Google ghost towns in Alberta, Canada for an extensive list), and  many other fascinating activities, sites, and experiences. Listen to get excited about spending your next vacation in unique Alberta!

June 12, 2018


As people age, the type of travel they do such as adventure, shopping, cruises, escorted tours, etc. generally doesn't change, but the style of travel generally does. You do not travel the same way you do in your twenties as you do in your sixties and seventies. Chris, Jerry, and guest, Robert Nelson give great ideas of what to expect as you get older. Each decade from the twenties to seventy and older are discussed giving personal examples, specific data, travel ideas, characteristics, and vital information. Listen so you will be prepared for the surprises that occur as you age.

May 26, 2018

Car Rental Part Two Travel Advice Show

To help you understand some of the legalities of renting a car, Chris and Jerry discuss how you handle paying tolls while driving, age restrictions because you may not be able to rent a car if you are under age twenty-five or over the age of sixty-nine, definitions of limited, unlimited, and pay-by-mile car rental rates, and the various types and definitions of insurances. It can be very intimidating and confusing deciding which insurance you need, where and when to buy them, and what insurances are required when you rent. This show answers many questions you have to make your car rental a better experience.

May 7, 2018

Car Rental Part One Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss important information you need to rent the correct car for your vacation including should you rent a car, where to rent it, where to pick up and drop the car, the various car categories, how to pay for the car, and other topics. This show will help minimize many possible problems you face in renting a car.

April 18, 2018

Exciting Europe Ideas Travel Advice Show

Want to spice up your next trip to Europe doing things your friends haven't done? Listen for exciting ideas to make your next trip more unique and memorable.

Not only do what most people do, experience, and see when they go to Europe, spice up your next trip and listen as Chris and Jerry give ideas to make it one to remember. When in London, have high tea, maybe on the B. Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. If you are in Paris, take the two-hundred year old sewers tour made famous in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, or while in Brussels, take the thirty-minute Comic Walk Tour or Art Nouveau Walk. Next time in St. Petersburg, Russia, visit the Museum of Russian Vodka or if in Lisbon, listen to soulful and beautiful Fado music or go to the western end of Europe in Sagres. Try Einspanner double espresso coffee with a piece of chocolate in Vienna or in Berlin, walk or bicycle some of the thirteen mile long Berlin Wall. Stay tuned! You will not be disappointed.

April 12, 2018

All Inclusive Resorts Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss this fast-growing and popular world-wide hotel option giving the pros and cons of the experience. All all-inclusive resorts are not the same. They range from nearly basic to extremely deluxe, on the beach, African game reserves, and other fabulous locations. Some cater to adults only, romance, highly encourage families and children, physical activities, and other options. Although most all-inclusives offer the following, some are know for their food, nightlife, alcoholic beverages, physical activities, relaxation, location, and other specialties, so it is important to select the right one for your requirements. Also, understanding all-inclusive resort reviews given on various websites such as TripAdvisor is explained. All of these and other topics are discussed on the show, so listen to learn more on this exciting and fun way to travel.
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March 25, 2018

Southern Caribbean Travel Advice Show

Did you ever want to walk through tropical rainforests and observe colorful birds, explore hidden caves in rainforests, sail the Caribben, enjoy the hypnotic sound of steel drums, and have a fabulous tropical vacation? Chris and Jerry explore the southern Caribbean islands that not only have the above, but other options that make these islands well-worth visiting. Beautiful tropical gardens, sailing, flatboartding, duty-free shopping, green turtles, smelling nutmeg and exotic flowers, golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking up volcanoes through tropical rainforests, swimming at the base of waterfalls, relaxing on white sand beaches, and many other exciting options are discussed to get you excited about visiting the varied and well-worth visiting southern Caribbean islands. 

March 7, 2018

Eastern Caribbean Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss the eastern Caribbean islands that many people do not visit as they are not familiar with them. Learn about the fabulous things to do and differences between the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St. Martin, St. Barts, Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. Great islands to sail, climb volcanoes, hike through tropical rain forsts, lay on golden, black, white, pink, and nude beaches, shop for duty-free and local handicrafts, canyonking, Amerindian petroglyphs, whale and dolphin watch, sea kayak, and many other fabulous things to do. You will want to visit these islands after listening to this show. 

February 19, 2018

Northern Caribbean Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry give an overview of the northern Caribbean islands giving specific differences of each so you can make a better decision which island best meets your travel expectations. Listen to learn the difference between Cuba, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Beaches, food, music, sites, diving, snorkeling, kayaking on bioluminescent bays, caves, mountains, and many other topics are discussed. Listen to see which island best appeals to you.

February 4, 2018

Seychelles Travel Advice Show

Located about one thousand miles east of Kenya in the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean lie the Seychelles, some of the most unique, beautiful, and fabulous islands in the world. Chris and Jerry discuss why should get there soon as the world and large cruise ships are discovering them. Fabulous, mainly French and Creole food consisting of wonderful spices and tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh fish often with bones, guts, eyeballs, etc., snorkeling, some of the world's most truly spectacular beaches, wide variety of clean accommodations, ways to travel within and between islands, when to go, what to see, coconuts weighing over forty pounds, and many other things and activities are discussed and will entice you to visit this Eden and Paradise of the world.

January 14, 2018

Viking River Cruise Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry talk about Chris' recent Christmas Viking Longship Mani Rhine River cruise between Basel, Switzerland, and Amsterdam. Learn what it is like traveling with fourteen other family members on an eight-day river cruise visitiing six ports on one of the world's top river cruise companies. Chris discusses the offered-in-the-price shore excursions, things to do in your free time, the great and plentiful food, cabins, tipping, onboard nightlife, December weather, and his impression of river cruising. Listen to this unique interview to learn some of the realities of taking a European river cruise in December and other exciting reasons why you should take a river cruise any time of the year on your next vacation.

January 9, 2018

Mongolia Travel Advice Show

One of the top five countries in the world to visit, Mongolia should be a must-visit destination and definitely soon as it is gradually becoming more modern. Chris and Jerry discuss Mongolia's highlights and neat things to do while there including visiting the capital, Ulaanbaatar, with its museums, religious and sacred sites, and very interesting day or overnight trips to the semi-Gobi desert where you can ride a camel, Hustain Nuruu National Park to see Pnewski Mongolian horses and genuine Mongolian nomads, and Ghorki-Terelj National Park for impressive rock formations. If you go in the winter, a few miles from Ulaanbaatar you can ski on beginners to advanced trails! Karakorum, base of Genghis Khan and nearby Erdene Zuu Monastery, Mongolia's largest and oldest Bhuddhist monastery, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in the far west Mongolian Altai Mountain range with its beautiful lakes, hiking trails,  horseback riding, and Golden Eagles, and the massive Gobi desert are just some of the topics discussed along with how long to stay, how to travel the country , types of accommodations, and when to go. Pack your bags and go as you will rank your experience there as one of your best ever!

December 19, 2017


Because of many requests from our listeners to have shows on country itineraries, we have selected the Netherlands as the first. Chris and Jerry give a suggested minimum itinerary and ideas to lengthen your stay so you will get a great first visit overview. Day-by-day itinerary, where and when to go, where and when to see the tulips, the Red Light District, many museums, Dutch traditional villages, hop on hop off bus tours, windmills, tin-glazed Delft blue pottery, dikes, and week-long country river cruises are just some of the numerous things discussed to ensure you get a great overview of the Netherlands.

December 10, 2017

Safety Precautions for Women Traveling Alone International Travel Advice Show

Kathleen Evans,, Chris, and Jerry give excellent safety precautions advice for women traveling alone internationally. In this informal and fun, but serious topic show, we discuss ways to make your trip safer including taking a basic self-defense course prior to departing, never, ever leaving your purse on the back of a chair in a restaurant, bar, or other public places, dressing appropriately for your destination, taking photos of your taxi, driver, car license, and driver's registration, booking the entire sleeper cabin on trains, and other important ideas to have a fabulous and safe trip.

November 20, 2017

Western Indonesia Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry explore and discuss in detail western Indonesia especially Sumatra and the smaller islands off its coast. Sumatra, the world's fifth largest island, has three major cities: Medan, Padang, and Palembang and many neat things to do. You will be impressed with the variety of sightseeing and adventure options available including climbing volcanoes, hiking through jungles searching for gibbons and orangutans, visiting Buddhist temples, spending time at Lake Toba, the world's largest volcanic lake, shopping for unique items in Palembang's malls, river rafting, and many other exciting things that are just some of the experiences you will have in this destination not often visited by US citizens, but by the rest of the world.

November 4, 2017

Better Vacations through Education Travel Advice Show

The first question you should ask when planning a vacation is "What do I want most out of my vacation?" Chris and Jerry give numerous ways to get the exact destination you need to best fulfill the reason you are taking your vacation. They discuss the three main reasons people travel: have to because of business, weddings, funerals, family reunions, etc., fulfill a dream that you have wanted to satisfy, and escape to get away for at least a little while from your normal life. They give many ideas and examples to narrow your vacation destination including researching, becoming better educationed and realistic, the reason you are traveling, and your budget. Listen to the show to to have a vacation that not only will you love, but will fulfill many of the reasons you are taking it.

October 8, 2017

Eastern Indonesia Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry talk about one of the top ten destinations in the world to visit - Eastern Indonesia. There is something there that will excite and amaze nearly every traveler of any age. The island of Java with its access to Krakatoa volcano, Jogjakarta and Surakarta with impressive Javanese temples including Borobudur and Prambanan, the active volcano Mount Bromo, and the beautiful Tengger mountain chain, Bali which appeals to nearly everyone with  magnificent beaches, hill-country Ubud, and a variety of physical activiities, orangutans, culture, and festivals in Sumatra, the amazing three hundred Stone Age societies of West Papua, Sulawesi's Londa burieal caves and Kete Kesu, unique home architure of Troja village, and other unique sites, and rarely visited East and West Timor with their excellent diving and snorkeling, beaches, and unique cemeteries. You will want to go to this fantastic area of the world after listening to this show.

September 13, 2017

Uzbekistan Part Two Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry continue the discussion on Uzbekistan talking in greater detail on mosques, mausoleums, markets, and what to do and see. A first time visit itinerary should be fourteen days to get the greatest overview of the country from Tashken to Khiva and it should be overland by private driver and guide or on an escorted tour preferably with fewer than twenty guests. If a visit to Fergana in the east including Osh, Kyrgystan, is included, add at least three extra nights. More details about types and prices of accommodations ranging from guesthouses to five star properties and various mosques, mausoleums, and markets are given. Various types of souvenirs including carpets, clothing, skullcaps, ceramics, musical instrtuments, and Samarkand paper are discussed to sharpen your shopping urges. Uzbekistan should be a must visit for world travelers and both parts one and two will start you on your way.

August 18, 2017

Uzbekistan Part One Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry give an excellent overview of Uzbekistan, one of the world's top five countries to visit. History, culture, minimum itinerary, length of time to stay, best times to visit, hotel categories and prices, variety of ways to travel the country, discussion of the palaces, mosques, and masadahs, money, and many other things you need to know to move Uzbekistan to the top of your travel bucket list and  begin your travel plans to this truly fabulous country.

August 6, 2017

Fear of Travel Travel Advice Show

Chris, Jerry, and Jessie Blinman., Chris' friend, talk about the various fears of travel people have and how you can adjust to have a fabulous vacation that will change your life positively. Fear of taking a cruise, flying, going to countries that are very different than your own, and driving rules and customs are discussed with real examples and ways that we and others have overcome them enough to enjoy our trips. Listen to this, especially if you have a fear, are anxious, or a are bit intimidated about traveling. It may help you a lot.

July 21, 2017

Favorite Unique Countries Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry talk about six unique and not often visited countries that they really like. Although not their favorite countries, they really love these  destinations and have visited them often. Most people travel to famous destinations often forgetting absolute fabulous and interesting countries that often are more exciting than the famous ones. Did you know that you can walk with lions in West Africa, observe nesting turtles in Surinam, visit Roman ruins in northern England, drink excellent tap beer in Belgium, walk pure white sand beaches and snorkel in crystal clear water in the Cook Islands, and visit a major departing point for African slaves bound for the Americas in Senegal? This show explores northern England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Surinam, Cook Islands, and Senegal and gives information that will inspire you to include them in your travel plans.

July 18, 2017

Doing Adventure Travel Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss the types of adventure travel including overlanding, walking, and bicycling throughout the world, cost, trip length, tour operators that offer a wide variety of adventure travel options, and what you can expect when you take them. They also talk about passport and visas requirements and the amount of money you can expect to take take. This show is a must listen for anyone wanting to take an adventure trip and for those that are thinking about it. It can change your life for the better.

July 4, 2017

Consider Adventure Travel Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry love adventure travel. All types and levels of adventure travel. Listen as they give personal examples and talk about the definition of adventure travel, who should take them, physical, financial, and psychological requirements, and categories or levels of adventure travel including specialty, soft, medium, hard, extreme, and terrifying. This show will change your travel style and life and make your next vacation truly unique and exciting. Click on the show to begin your adventure travel life.

June 18, 2017

Rwanda Travel Advice Show

Chris, Jerry, and Nicky Brandon of Ker & Downey,, talk about exciting Rwanda and the many things that make this country well-worth visiting. To explore this once not-often-visitedo a great overview of Rwanda, you need to spend eleven days and ten nights to see gorillas, baboons, chimpanzees, visit tea plantations, and many other things to explore in this once not-often-visted country including ways to travel and accommodations. After listening to the show, you will want to either add Rwanda to your east African adventure or make it a single destination visit.

June 8, 2017

Turkmenistan Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss the fascinating, historic, unique, and interesting things to do in this seldom-visited destination. Not many people visit Turkmenistan, primarily because it is bordered by Iran on the south and Uzbekistan on the north, two of the world's five most exciting destinations and tend to limit their vacation in these two countries. Kow Ata, an underground warm lake, the Karakum Desert and Canal, Daraza with its Door to Hell burning recession, and the ancient, ruined city of Merv near Mary with its Mausoleum and central Asia's largest minaret are just some of the fabulous things to experience in this land of the Silk Road.
May 29, 2017

Unique Iran Travel Advice Show

Chris, Jerry, and Jerry's friend, Siamak Gholami, give advice for traveling Iran, one of the world's top five destinations to visit, that you should know, but may not even have thought about. Tea, caviar, historical monuments, exotic food, rice, ways to travel, types of accommodations, ghaliyan (hookah), dress codes, geographic areas, when to go, what to do, culture, and many other things that will make your visit to Iran truly one to remember. You will want to return.

May 10, 2017

Short Iran Travel Advice Show Tips

Many people are hesitant to visit Iran because of misconceptions about safety, freedom to explore on your own, hotel accommodations, food, and other concerns. Chris and Jerry talk about the reality of visiting this varied, scenic, historic, and fabulous country and help alleviate any misconceptions you may have about making Iran your next travel destination. Listen to get excited about visiting Iran.

April 27, 2017

Ways of Travel Travel Advice Show

If you have ever taken a trip and returned either disappointed or ecstatic, it may be the way you traveled that made the difference. Listen as Chris and Jerry discuss the four categories of ways to travel: independent, flexible independent travel, hosted, and escorted. They define and give examples of each category so you can decide which is best for you. It could raise the level of your next vacation to fabulous!

April 13, 2017

Short Travel Guide Books Travel Advice Show

Most travelers want to know as much as possible about the destination they are going to visit. One of the most popular ways to learn information is through travel books. Chris and Jerry talk about how travel guide books are written, their purpose, selected audience, ways to use them, and when to purchase them. Suggested guides are mentioned by name with explanation of their importance and directed audience and who should purchase them. Chris and Jerry also mention Jerry's and their purpose. Listen to this short show to help you simplify your travel guide books selection.

March 21, 2017

Short Vaccination Travel Advice Tips

Chris and Jerry discuss the importance, necessity, and consequences of vaccinations in your travel plans. As the world rids itself of many diseases, some countries require vaccinations to enter them. Listen to the Short Vaccination   Travel Advice Tips show to learn what shots may be required, what is required to show proof you had them, sources to find what vaccinations are reqired, where to get them, and other valuable tips that will help you have a better vacation. In fact, failure to have the required vaccinations could prohibit your entering a country that requires them.

March 7, 2017

Ireland Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry give personal advice on ways to visit beautiful, historic, and active Ireland. Included topics are when to go, various ways to travel the island, what is the minimum time you should spend on your first visit, nightlife, expectations, and many others to let you enjoy what Chris and Jerry claim is the world's most beautiful country. We think you will also after listening to the show and returning from your visit to the Emerald Isle.
February 23, 2017

TSA and Global Entry Short Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss TSA and Global Entry Services  programs to simplify your US airport TSA security process and and return US entry with the Global Entry Services. If you have ever flown within the US or completed US immigrations, you will want to listen to this show. TSA, Transportation Security Administration, is a US government security department that screens air travelers at the airport prior to entering their flight. Global Entry Services, a US Customs and Border Protection program, allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to accelerate clearance procedures, immigations, upon returning to the US. Definitions, costs for each program, tips to simplify the process, and other suggestions are given to help make your air travel, both within and returning to the US, less complicated and more enjoyable. 

February 12, 2017

Passport Short Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry talk about passports  from a world-wide perspective. Each country has its own requirements for obtaining a passport and the length of time it is valid valild. Many countries require a visa, but who needs a visa is determined by the passport holder's country. Definitions of passports, who needs them, possible costs, time required to obain them, how soon do you need to get them, and many other elements are discussed so you can have a better understanding of them.

February 6, 2017

Flying Part Two Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry continue discussing common questions you may have and situations and problems that occur while flying. Learn your legal rights and airlines rules and regulations, options you have about getting seats using your frequent flier miles, what you can do or expect when your flight is delayed or cancelled, what happens when you get bumped from a flight, and what to expect when your baggage is lost or damaged. Listening to this show will get you prepared for many things that can happen when you decide to fly.

January 23, 2017

Cuba Part Two Travel Advice Show

Listen as Chris and Jerry continue their discussion about visiting Cuba. Cuba Part Two Travel Advice Show talks about other activities you may want to consider, when to go, nightlife, and other options to make your vacation even better. Riding in 1950s American convertibles to take a night Havana tour, definition and descriptions of casa particulares or guesthouses, four and five star hotels, and other accommodations, visiting an alligator farm, weather, food, safety, and other information to help give you an exciting experience in the largest Caribbean island.

January 18, 2017

Cuba Part One Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and Jerry on an exciting visit to Cuba. The show discusses different nationalities visiting there, the two Cuban pesos used on the island, food, do's and dont's, transportation, and many other things to excite you to visit this fabulous, multi-historied Caribbean island. Should you go to Cuba in July? Do they have excellent hotels to stay in? Stay tuned to learn even more of this exciting, relatively untouristy destination to make your visit fantastic!
January 9, 2017

Culture shock Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and guest Jim Dykman to learn how to manage culture shock while you are travelling. Jim gives a great travel perspective to accepting different cultures around the world. Listen to real examples of how to deal with culture shock. Jim tells ways to handle situations to gain better enjoyment in your travels. This show will make your travels more fulfilling.






December 27, 2016

Flying Part One Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry discuss some important information needed prior to boarding your plane. Topics include: who should fly, times when it is not best to fly, overcoming or at least controlling your fear of flying, what to expect from arriving at the airport to prior to boarding your flight, including TSA airport security, and the types of luggage you should consider taking. Regardless of your flying experience, you will learn things that will make the experience smoother.

December 15, 2016

Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show

Chris and Jerry continue discussing hotels with Hotels Part Three Travel Advice Show. It contains important information to answer many question that travelers have, including how do you book a hotel, is there a best way to book a hotel, are there problems with these booking methods, who, how much, and when do you tip, the numerous legalities which you should know about booking, cancelling, and changing a reservation, check in and check out times, and the various acceptable types of hotel gurantees and payment. Listen to complete this three part hotel series to help you make better hotel decisions and prevent surprises.

November 25, 2016

Camino de Santiago Travel Advice Show

Join Chris and guest George Starks to learn and explore the Camino de Santiago. George has done the Camino 5 times and gives great tips and how to plan the adventure. This show explains where to stay, how to plan and all the in's and out's in having the Camino de Santiago experience. This show is a must before you plan your Camino.